Ode to the Granny Smith Apple

Every night, after I have cleaned the apartment, taken a shower, and given Gramps his medicines, I prepare for my treat of the day: An organic Granny Smith apple.

This beautiful green ball of flavor offers many benefits aside from a nice taste. Granny Smith apples are a powerhouse of benefits for the body!

Over the past six months, I switched from conventional to organic apples. I was never very concerned about pesticides, assuming ignorantly that whatever doesn’t kill me will make me superhuman, but then I figured out that organic soil also provides more nutrients, and who wants to take vitamins when we can get everything from our food?

There is a great link with information about “The Dirty Dozen” aka the 12 foods with the highest pesticide rates. Apples are #1 on the list! I was worried that they would be too expensive and I’d have to stick with conventional, but here’s what I have found: At Whole Foods I can buy a bag of five organic apples for $2.99. At Publix you can buy six conventional apples  for $3.99. The conventionals tend to be a little bit bigger, and I’m a glutton so I always want more, but I’m quite satisfied by the time I finish my apple slices.

No matter how organic my food is, I still clean it using a fruit and vegetable cleaner. Sure, you can make your own cleaners or soak them in white vinegar to clean them, but for $3.50 for 365 brand I think it’s worth saving myself the hassle. You should especially do this if you eat the skin!

Nutritional benefits of the Granny Smith apple are plentiful. There are tons of reports about the ways that apples can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, fight cancer, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and so on. For instance, here are 15 health benefits of eating apples. If they are true then I’m off to a good start!

What really got me on an apple kick was researching candida albicans. Candida is a naturally occurring yeast in our intestines, but it gets out of hand QUICKLY! “The overgrowth of Candida Albicans is rampant in our society due to two main factors. Those factors are the overuse of prescription antibiotics and a diet that is low in nutritional value and high in refined sugars and simple carbohydrates.”

“Other contributing factors to the overgrowth of this fungus are birth control pills, antacids, ulcer medication, cortisone, weak immune system, heavy metals, mercury leaching from mercury dental fillings, steroids, environmental toxins, chlorinated drinking water, inadequate levels of hydrochloric acid and other essential digestive enzymes, synthetic estrogen, a ph level in the body that is too acidic, and immune suppressing drugs.”

If you have never heard of candida, you might want to check out the symptoms. It is shocking how many people have problems with candida but never know it because the medical community doesn’t pay enough attention to it. THIS APPLIES TO MEN, TOO!

I have had chronic issues with candida over the years, mainly because I ate like shit for so long. And, as a pot smoker, I would get munchies and my body would demand sugar and carbs. It is only during the past six months that I have dedicated myself to less sugar. It was at night when my cravings would be the worst. I was like a crackhead, trying to find pieces of chocolate or candy or whatever the hell I could find!

Granny Smith changed that for me. The candida diet only allows Granny Smith apples for fruits, because they have anti-fungal properties! Most other fruits tend to have molds on them, which feeds the candida. That is why other fruits can be risque. Granny Smiths also have fiber, which helps to combat the constipation that candida causes.

I no longer feel any desire for candy at night. I have a very particular method to my apple prepping. Once cleaned, I peel them (and usually nick my finger somehow, it’s ridiculous), quarter them, remove all sharp bits from the center, and slice them up. The goal is to have the most pleasurable experience eating them possible. I can’t stand weird bits or skin on them.

I like dipping them in peanut butter because I want to get as much protein into my system as possible. I have recently begun putting two tablespoons of hemp hearts into the peanut butter and mixing it up. Hemp hearts are the ultimate food accessory. I got started with these because my brother has been eating them and told me they are delicious. The next time I was at Whole Foods I was looking at the fiber selection, and noticed a shelf of hemp hearts on sale! BOGO hemp hearts seemed like a sign. I tried out one bag, loved it, gave the second bag to my dad, then went back to WF and got another two bags! I really like them! When they’re mixed in with peanut butter, you can’t even tell they’re there.

Three tablespoons of hemp hearts gives you 10g of protein and 3g of fiber. The apple gives you about 4-5g of fiber, and two tablespoons of peanut butter provides 8g of protein and 2g of fiber. In one snack, we’re talking 18 grams of protein and 9g of fiber. That is a pretty serious power snack! You can’t scoff at those numbers.

This snack combination has been highly beneficial for me and my health. I hope I’ve given you some things to think about. I haven’t written a blog post like this before, and I know it has gone in a few different directions, but I know you get the point. The Granny Smith apple is the Eazy-E of fruit.



2 responses to “Ode to the Granny Smith Apple

  1. I thought i read somewhere that peanut butter was not good for you on candida diet. have you ever tried sunflower butter made from sunflower seeds or almond butter? both really good alternatives.

    • You are totally right! Peanuts are susceptible to mold. Good call!!! Man. We all need reminders. I was on an almond butter kick for awhile but I’ve been using so much PB lately it seemed most cost-effective. Plus, I’m not 100% in candida diet so I try to prioritize. But sunflower butter is really good! Ima go get some tonight 😀 Thanks Donna!

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